I am having a payment error and I cannot subscribe.

This occurs especially if you use Paypal Germany. Unfortunately, Paypal Germany does not yet offer subscription billing as of the time of this writing (Apr 2015). You need to pay using credit card directly on our checkout page.

Payment error can also occur if your credit card has expired. Please use credit cards with valid expiry date.

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    Agnes cyntia Rudianto

    Hey, i'm also having the same thing. But i'm using visa and I wanna sent it to australia.
    Btw my credit card isn't expired. Can you fix this problem ? Thanks

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    Yuko Suzuki

    Hi Agnes, please kindly submit a support ticket with your invoice number. We'll look into your account and help you out with it!

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    Konrad muszynski

    I misspelled my email address when paying. Can I change it ?

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