My box is missing an item or is damaged/broken. What should I do?

We feel terrible that you’ve encountered such a situation. We’d love to see each and every box arrive in pristine condition - but, unfortunately, we cannot always supervise the entire delivery process from end-to-end.

In the case an item comes damaged or expired from the manufacturer, or is missing (the box is physically arrived in good condition but an item is not in your box), please contact our customer support team by using this form and choose the option missing item or damaged item under Shipping issue. 

You are required to submit pictures mentioned below in order for our support team to expedite a resolution:

  1. Pictures of all sides of the box (applies to both missing and damaged item issue)
  2. Pictures of all items received in the box (applies to both missing and damaged item issue)
  3. Pictures of individual items, showing the damaged part (applies to damaged item issue)

Compensation offered will be in the form of partial refund or item replacement and every customer is eligible for the compensation offer for the cases above.

Validity of a damaged item will be at the discretion of the support agent. 

Any damages to the boxes or the packaging of a product will not quality for replacement if the content is undamaged. Broken items such as  cookies, chips, or other fragile snacks and melted chocolate due to weather also may not qualify for replacement. 

Minor cosmetic damages, such as small scratch may not qualify to be compensated. 

Due to inventory changes, any issues must be reported within 7 days of receiving your box. Replacement items will be shipped out in the next shipment once confirmed by the support agent. If we do not have the missing item in stock, store credit may be applied to your account instead.

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