COVID-19 Shipping Issue Updates

As you may know, these past few months we’ve been experiencing shipping issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Japan Post restricted international shipping for many countries around the world; and due to unpredictable and frequent changes in shipping options availability, our shipping options have also changed many times. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience that this may have caused and we hope for your understanding during these difficult times.

We are very grateful to all of you who stuck with us and we are optimistic about the future and continue to work hard to bring you the best of Japan.


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Regarding Priority Shipping (Japan Post)

After Japan Post announced their first international shipping restrictions on April 1st 2020, we converted our subscribers to a new Priority Shipping option that continued to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an estimated delivery time of 10-14 days (but no tracking option) as written on the official website of Japan Post. However, we unfortunately had to charge our subscribers ($3-$5 depending on the plan) to cover the additional shipping fees for this more expensive shipping method. 

This shipping method helped us ship May and June boxes. However, Japan Post announced later that even boxes that were shipped through Priority Shipping have experienced delays depending on the postal services in the country of destination.


Regarding Country-Specific Delays

Despite COVID-19 restrictions that delayed some of our shipping and packaging operations, we have been able to ship out the majority of our boxes on schedule. Once our packages are picked up by Japan Post, they are on their way to their final destinations. However, there have been many instances in the past few months of packages arriving in the destination country, but being stuck in backup delays in the respective country’s postal system. 

In particular, Canada Post and Royal Mail (UK) are severely backlogged domestically, and our packages unfortunately join that glut once reaching the destination country. Please see the relevant news releases from both postal services:

In addition, on Twitter you can view real-time updates based on customer experiences with the relevant postal service in your country. Some examples include:


Returned & reshipped boxes: when will my box arrive?

Due to the sudden shipping restrictions by Japan Post, a large number of mainly April and May boxes that we shipped from April on were returned to our warehouse. We did our best to reship these boxes as quickly as possible but because of Japan Post’s extreme backlog of packages, it took a while until they returned the boxes to our warehouse. The manual process necessary to receive, relabel and reship these boxes with the preferred shipping method added to this delay from Japan Post. 

For those whose boxes were reshipped during this period, we estimate that your boxes will arrive within 60-90 days after shipping, depending on the shipping method and destination country’s postal service.

See the shipping and reshipping process timeline (we recommend to open the image in new tab):


Can I cancel my April or May boxes?

We truly apologize about the wait, but unfortunately we are not able to cancel any still undelivered April or May boxes as they are currently in transit and will be delivered.


Will the items in my delayed box arrive expired or stale?

When curating our boxes we always take into account expiration dates in case shipping delays occur, so there shouldn't be any worry about expired snacks. However, if you do find expired snacks in your box (Japanese dating system is yyyy/mm/dd), please contact our support team here by including picture(s) of the expired snacks in your inquiry.


I have a prepaid subscription, what will happen to my boxes?

Throughout the Covid-19 situation, we’ve had to charge a monthly shipping fee in order to ship the next box in your prepaid plan. Due to our new shipping situation starting from August's box, we’ll continue to charge a monthly shipping fee until your current subscription renews.

Your DHL shipping fee will continue to be charged on the day we ship a box for you.


I'm a new subscriber, how is this going to work for me?

For new subscribers, you will see at checkout the new shipping fees included starting from August's box purchase.


Regarding Surface Mail and DHL

On April 23rd, Japan Post announced the extension of shipping restrictions to the Priority Shipping method to some countries, including shipment to the USA.

We then came up with 2 alternative shipping options which was effective starting from May 5th:
1) DHL Shipping Plan with tracking for $10.95 or $8.95 (estimated delivery time: 3-5 days after shipping).
2) Surface Mail Plan for your shipment at no extra charge (estimated delivery time 60-90 days after shipping due to COVID-19 related postal jams and no tracking service).

Using one of these options we shipped many of your June and July boxes and also some of the earlier boxes that were returned to our warehouse.

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