I am having a payment error and I cannot subscribe!

Payment error can occur if your credit card has expired or has no sufficient balance; please make sure that your credit card is still active with valid expiry date and has sufficient balance.

If the error still occurred, kindly try to change your payment method using PayPal linked with an active credit card.

If your card is already got charged but you can't find your subscription details on the Customer Portal, kindly contact our support team via https://tokyotreat.com/contact/support by providing your full name, shipping address, and the screenshot of the transaction so we can check.


ZIP Code Error

The ZIP code validation issue happens when the details registered on your card is different from the one you input on the billing details.
Kindly make sure that your ZIP code is the same with the one registered on your card details, or contact your bank issuer if you recently move since the information could take up to 3 months to be updated.

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